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Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Episode 12

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tidaki_titsuya ToesInMyPancakes. haha nice one... kaneki is totally the (G)reatest (O)f (A)ll (T)ime
a month ago
Baebae So glad kaneki gets to live a happy life now after all that suffering :-)
2 months ago
hayyanisahd Why did they end it ? ^-^ Happy ending ....... Now,I need season 3 please........... Very nice and fantastic anime I really really love this anime ^_^
3 months ago
ToesInMyPancakes Kaneki is the G.O.A.T
4 months ago
TokyoGhoulS3 WoW Great ending, WHY DID YOU END i want more eps i love this anime so much
6 months ago
Kanna-Senpai Hold up. If it is 6 years later, why their baby look like she or he is freaking 3? She was preggers 6 years ago, right? Good ending tho.
7 months ago
SERAFHIM happy ever after ending for the hardworking kaneki
8 months ago
Eeee That was a bumpy ride... nothing beats the first 2 seasons, still I'm glad we got a wholesome ending.
8 months ago
Caleb778 Wow, what a shit ending
8 months ago
Anime320 Im just jealous of Toka
9 months ago
Tkjellberg So good, following for so many years. I hope for more season, about Ken kid and so on. Somehow I wish it could have been a few more eps cause it was so much happening. Thanks for this amazing anime.
9 months ago
Frenchenculer it sucks balls compared to the manga and the manga was rushed
10 months ago
Frenchenculer god thats so
10 months ago
mrrainbow445 Greatest Ending.. gg
10 months ago
Mornayh aaaaah a wonderful ending im just sad that it ended
10 months ago
arkamagakun i part of me just died inside how many years have i been watching this anime ive loved it for so long and now its over no it cant be hopeing for a ova or something of kanekis next kid because we could see tohka was pregnant again
10 months ago
Yuno_Gasai Gj kaneki-kun
10 months ago
calvindude It's always so bittersweet when a good anime comes to an end. Kaneki was a scared little wimp in the beginning and now his character has grown so much. What a great ending.
10 months ago
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Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Drama Seinen Mystery Horror Action Psychological Supernatural
Date aired : Oct 09, 2018
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Tokyo Ghoul:re
Second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re.