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Overlord II Episode 13

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zer0lel0uch it wont be soon until we see a seaon 4, the light novel cover 3 book for 1 season, and volume 11 will be release in next mont. so that mean at least 1-2 years before the season 4
19 days ago
PapiKirito bruh where is s4 :( this is my 5th time rewatching it's so good announce s4 pls I fan
4 months ago
Chypotlay Ainz-sama!
5 months ago
TangiFrangi This series is great! It's just sad that it's so short. I wish it had plenty episodes- like one piece. I love unbeatable protagonists. It makes me myself feel powerful. MUAHAHA. Can't wait to see some real destruction!
5 months ago
CallMeReaper This anime was great! Only problem is i finished 2 seasons in 1 day, dont wanna finish s3....
6 months ago
Sins The character development is getting pretty good
6 months ago
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Overlord II

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Game Fantasy Action Adventure Magic Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 01, 2018
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Overlord
Sequel: Overlord III
Second season of Overlord.